This past weekend my family went to a local blueberry festival. So much fun! I got to taste a variety of products made with blueberries such as spice salsa, honey, and jams. I came home with a flat (12 pints) of blueberries. So the next few posts you will notice have a common theme, blueberries. This first recipe that I will be posting is the first one I tried with my supply of blueberries. It was a great success. I am very excited to continue to try new recipes with blueberries. Such a great fruit and full of goodness.  They are loaded with antioxidants, good for cholesterol….. Enjoy. Just a fair warning though with summer here, as fruit becomes available to get fresh from farms or able to be picked, you will notice more recipes with a common fruit theme.  So here is to summer and fresh fruit!


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