It has been awhile… but I am back with a new focus

It has been quite a while since I have posted. My life got complicated and got better all at the same time. I was very overweight and unhappy and decided to take a break to focus on me. Since that time I have lost about 100 lbs (I may post before and after pictures some day) and have gotten active. I am now running, lifting weights, and started karate with my sons. You may ask why I tell you this….. It is because I have changed my focus in life which has changed my cooking. I am still as busy if not more so than before, but still desire to prepare great tasting meals for my family, but don’t have the time I wish. With a hard-working husband and two fast growing boys, salad isn’t going to cut it.

So the focus of this blog is changing a bit for now. I will still be trying new recipes, but all will need to meet certain criteria for the next few months as I experiment with each.

1. Did my family like it (still most important)?
2. Does one portion blow the calorie count for the day?
3. Was it made with more healthy ingredients such as less fat and sodium?
4. Is it quick to prepare for the busy?

Occasionally, I will still post the great cookie or muffin recipe because I won’t be able to resist, but not as often. I look forward sharing to this new experiment/experience. My first few recipes will be slow cooker and/or freezer meals.


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